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Modern Ecosystem of Companies and Investors

We have managed investment funds, created and overseen wealth management services. Collaborating with numerous family offices, funds, and professional global investors, we recognize the difficulty in navigating through the dense information noise to reach the companies we seek.

"Moreover, capital markets in Europe are becoming increasingly integrated. While collaborating with investors from the USA, Singapore, Canada, and Australia, we observe that executing transactions or acquiring significant share packages is no longer a problem.

The problem is information. Up-to-date, condensed, high quality. This is why Euro Capital Research was created. We provide a communication tool for professional investors to connect with the entities they are interested in.

"How It Works"

How it Works?

Working with Euro Capital Research you are included in special lists of companies sent out to investors , periodic investor newsletters, as well as we will actively promote you in Europe.

Periodically, we send questions to the companies, which take about 5-10 minutes to answer, and we verify the information and send it to investors, labeling them appropriately (labeling thematically). In addition, we analyze these companies when we get an order to search for entities with certain parameters.

We employ specialists in capital market, IR/PR, artificial intelligence, data analysis so that we provide the best services.

We also work with PR and IR entities, making it possible to periodically engage more with the network of entities in an effective way - by establishing KPIs and quantitative and qualitative control of the activities of the many people involved.


What does the process look like:

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    We commence coverage, gather data, initiate contact with the company, and periodically publish some information on lists on our website and social media.
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    When we come across a company that stands out for its transparency, consistency in operations, and integrity, we award a special distinction, simultaneously proposing promotion and active coverage.
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    Upon request, we periodically organize physical and online meetings with professional investors and managers. The cost is determined based on the entity and the event.

Let's build the future together!

We're hiring! Join our team and engage in work on innovative projects that shape the future.


Advantages for your company

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Creating an engaged community with long-term ties to your company.

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Capital acquisition, ABB

At times, the placement of emissions is necessary, and consistent global communication fosters the success of such initiatives.

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Global approach

We work with international investors, the communication carried out by our company is in several languages, this allows us to reach a large range of investors.


Managing the unexpected

Through consistent communication, it is possible to manage non-recurring events that could negatively affect the company's stock price and perception

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Presenting information in a comparable, condensed and understandable way to effectively attract investors.

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Social Media

Promocja w social mediach, za pomocą marki oraz kontaktów Euro Capital Research.


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