Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure swift and effective access to information about European micro and small-cap companies for all investors, simultaneously offering the opportunity for further in-depth analysis and insight into these entities.

Our Vission

We are not only seasoned professionals with extensive experience in capital markets and numerous international certifications. Above all, we are investors. For many years, we have observed a gap in the coverage of micro and small companies in Europe, as well as a lack of effective means for selecting suitable entities for further analysis, which would allow one to navigate through the noise of information. 
Therefore, our goal is to become the leading pan-European platform for the initial step in company selection by funds, family offices, institutional investors, professionals, and retail investors with a fundamental approach

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Współpraca z nami otwiera firmom dostęp do zaawansowanej wiedzy i doświadczenia w dziedzinie rynków kapitałowych. Zapewniamy ekskluzywną możliwość uzyskania pokrycia przez naszą platformę. Dzięki naszym narzędziom, firmy zwiększają swoją widoczność i rozpoznawalność, co przyciąga zainteresowanie zarówno inwestorów instytucjonalnych, jak i detalicznych.